Welcome to a safe place, where knowledge, intervention and prevention on child sexual abuse is a priority.

Memu McCoy is an advocate for education reform and empowerment through skills training. She has dedicated her life to make the world a safer and better place for all

children, and to honor every victim/survivor of sexual violence by speaking out.  .....Learn More About Memu

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You Can Tell Me

        Body Safety Education


Author, Memu McCoy

You Can Tell Me is a written guide for parents establishing a foundation for their children (recommended for ages 4 and up) to learn and understand how to identify and communicate about inappropriate touching or behaviors. It is critical for parents to establish a haven and a clearly identifiable communication channel that allows their children to recognize and freely express their experiences of inappropriate touching or behaviors. This book is not all inclusive of what parents must do, but it is a great start. 


You Can Tell Me is intended to be interactive. Parents will find questions at the end of each section, intended to spark open communication. Parents are encouraged to pose these questions to their children and begin a very necessary conversation. READ MORE ...

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